•  Pearl auction underway in Myanmar

A three-day pearl auction, sponsored by the state-run Myanmar Pearl Enterprise (MPE), is underway, attracting dozens of foreign pearl traders.
A total of 515 pearl lots and 94,319 pearls weighing 56,188.55 mommis are being sold through tender system at the Myanmar Pearl Auction-2007 which began on Thursday, said sources with the MPE under the Ministry of Mines.

Source: Xinhua

•  Myanmar Gems Emporium “Biggest Ever”

On March 20, the 44th Myanma Gems Emporium wrapped up. As reported by the official New Light of Myanmar (NLM) website, a total of 3,652 lots of jade, gems, and pearls were sold, both through bidding and tender. NLM kept a running total of lots sold throughout the sale, March 8–20.

•  Pearl Sale and Pearl Production Stats

Xinhua General News Service reported on a three-day pearl sale in Yangon, Burma. The article contains some updates on pearl production statistics:
• Production: 200,000 mommes produced in 2006 (up 30% from 2006)
• Production Area: 25,600 square km.
• Pearl Producers Nationwide: 6
• Investment of Burma–Japan Partnership: $8.47 million
• Year Production Began: 1956

•  Myanma Gems Emporium selling quality jade, gem, pearl lots

YANGON, 30 March — The 42nd Myanma Gems Emporium will sell a large number of quality jade, gem and pearl lots through tender and auction systems, said Deputy Minister for Mines U Myint Thein today.

Deputy Minister U Myint Thein, Chairman of Myanma Gems Emporium Central Committee, was speaking to local and foreign journalist led by Deputy Minister for Information Brig-Gen Aung Thein, member of Information Committee of the State Peace and Development Council, at the auction hall of Myanma Gems Mart in Yangon.

•  The 43rd Myanma Gems Emporium

Quality golden pearls produced from Myanmar to be displayed at the emporium.
YANGON, 15 March — Gems and jade products, ornaments, jade figurines, private shops, and mosaics to be sold at fixed price on the ground floor, imperial jade, commercial jade, utility jade, and uncut jade stones at the environs of the hall, and gems lots and pearl lots to be sold through competitive bidding system, as per the press release from the organizers. According to the Deputy Minister Myint Thein, the quality jade, gems and pearl lots will be sold through tender and auction systems at the 43rd Myanma Gems Emporium this year. . .


•  Myanmar Gems and Jade Auction (2006)

21st Myanmar Gems and Jade Auction will be held from 28th August to September 1st at Myanmar Convention Center. Inspections will start from 28th to 30th August and Bargain and Auction will commence on 31st August to 1st September.

Buyers can register from 26th August and private sector sellers can send their gems, jewelry, raw and finished jade from 1st August 2006.

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