Celebrities and high-profile people rock their jewellery

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Almost every woman is found of beautiful and precious gemstones. These days, the trend is toward buying colourful gemstones that match your outfit. Some of Yangon’s biggest celebrities and high profile people shared with Myanmar Times’ Moe Moe Oo and Zo Puii their ideas and opinions about jewellery.

• Vocalist Alex

Myanmar Vocalist AlexIn my eyes, a woman looks more gorgeous with diamonds. For men, jewelry is not important at all.
I bought a diamond ring for my wife when we were lovers. After marriage, I bought diamond earrings, necklace and locket for her. If possible, I want her to wear only diamond and not gold or silver.
I have my eyebrows pierced just for fashion but I never buy precious gemstones to wear. I just buy fancy accessories.
I don’t like jewelry at all. I don’t wear hand chains. I won’t take jewelry even if I come across it on the road. i don’t have any feeling for jewelry.

• Vocalist Moh Moh

Myanmar Vocalist Moh MohI used to like petite jewellery but now I prefer bigger styles. ‘ I usually wear a small bracelet made from diamonds.’ My favourite colour is black so it matches black dresses.
I don’t collect jewellery. I just borrow it from my mother and wear it if I want. I buy jewellery only if I really like the design.
I think girls did not pay as much attention to fashion in the past. Today, they take care of their beauty from head to toe. Perhaps they are imitating the style of foreign girls.
I think wearing jewellery is a fashion statment and a status symbol.
Some people wear jewellery on important occasions even if they don’t like it. Jewllery can raise the standard of a person.

• Vocalist L Lun War

Myanmar Pop Singer L Lun WarI Always wear two rings made of 925 silver on my fingers – a cross on the right hand and a snake on the left. I don’t care much about necklaces and bracelets – i just like rings. Some singers, especially hip-hoppers and rappers, wear expensive jewellery, but I’m not that crazy aobut jewellery. ‘ My favourites are 925 silver and platinum.’
I wear a gold chain with a cross locket, I never take it off even when I sleep. This is not only my lucky charm but also the very first thing I bought with my own pocket money.
I often receive valuable gifts from my fans, including chains and rings, but I never wear them, just save them carefully as memories of my fans. I don’t think it’s attractive when girls wear huge ornaments made of precious stones. I like simple styles, like a thin chain with small stone attached. I enjoy buying jewellery for my friends. Once, I bought a platinum necklace for my friend’s brithday.

• Singer Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein

Myanmar Singer Phyu Phyu Kyaw TheinMy favourite gem is diamond. I rarely like jewellery decorated with other gemstones. I don’t mean that I like any jewellery made of diamonds, but most jewellery that attracts me feature diamonds
Even though I like platinum, it doesn’t look good on me. I think drop earrings made of gold and diamonds suit me best.
I must say I’m a little stubborn when it comes to jewellery. no matter how expensive it is, I don’t like the design.
I don’t see wearing jewellery as a symbol of status. Personally, I feel that wearing jewellery is more about fashion – some like wearing it, some don’t.
I have never been given jewellery by frineds, but some of my fans have given me gold or silver rings.

• Hip-hop singer Ye Lay

Myanmar Hip-hop singer Ye LayI don’t wear any wristbands or rings. ‘ I just wear a platinum chain.’ When I sing hip-hop style chains made of silver or steel.
My favourite gem is the sapphire. It is not as beautiful as a ruby and not as expensive as diamond. It is middle class in price and beauty.
I have never bought any jewellery for people. I wanted to buy some for my ex-girfriends on our anniversaries but I couldn’t afford much. Now, I can afford it but I don’t have girlfriend!
I want to buy a platinum and diamond band for someone in the future. It would be the engagement ring for someone I adore very much.
I think girls look elegant when they wear diamond jewellery in simple designs.

• Actress Nan Su Yadi Soe

Myanmar Actress Nan Su Yadi SoeI always wear diamond rings and drop earrings because diamonds are my favourite gemstones. I also like jewellery decorated with diamonds and rubies.
When I go to big ceremonies, I love wearing a chain necklace. I prefer platinum to gold because my favourite colour is white. Platinum matches most other outfits, too.
As I see it, people are wearing more platinum and white gold with gemstones than gold with gemstones. When we wear platinum or white gold with gemstones, we look more up-to-date and fashionable.
When we go to casual parties, it’s okay to wear fancy costume jewellery. I think women look gorgeous wearing jewellery. When I’m old, I may wear bigger pieces to look more elegant.